Year 1986 1991 1996 2001 2006 2011 2016
% 47.40 46.50 49.10 56.51 57.05 57.13 57.05

Operational Definitions

The percentage of the highest two deciles of the distribution of monthly household income of domestic households. Each of the 10 decile groups contains the same number of domestic households, ranked by income. The first decile group encloses those households falling below the first decile, the second decile group encloses those households falling between the first and the second decile, and so on.


All figures are collected from Census and Statistics Department since 1986. Only census year/by-census data are provided. Figure for 1981 is extracted from Hong Kong 1991 Census Main Report.

Further to the reply from SWD (15 May 2008), the data previously collected by HKCSS are compiled from the results of the General Household Survey (GHS).  A recent review on the quality of such data has been conducted.  Given the smaller sample size of the GHS and thus its limitations in identifying sufficient number of households in the two tails of the distribution, the estimates concerned are considered not reliable enough and they are no longer released.  Users are suggested to refer to the results of the population census/by-census for statistics on income distribution. Data Source: Census and Statistics Department, November 15, 1999: no. 008 (Letter); Census and Statistics Department, 1993a.
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